Oh WOW! So Finally you have landed here. I'm glad you're interested in knowing the face behind 'A Blush of Pink'. :)

Here's a brief introduction to me and my blog:

My name is Kavita Sahu and I come from a middle class family in Assam. I am 27 years old. My life is all about juggling between a lot of responsibilities and multiple passions. I am a Freelance Marketing Strategist, an Entrepreneur running a chain of businesses in the North-East part of India, a Content Writer and a Globe-Trotter (travel blog coming up soon). More than anything else, I am a 'Self Learner'. I constantly try to educate my brain and mind with latest trends and technology. I am a very passionate human being who likes to see happiness, positivity and Love around her. Above all, I am very ambitious and dream of things that probably girls my age wouldn't dream of achieving. I call myself a women with half the mind of a Man.

I founded my blog way back in 2011 when I was in the final year of college, pursuing B.Com in Accounts and Finance. Life had thrown me in a difficult situation back then and I lost both my beloved grandparents to Cancer. It was very difficult for me to bear this loss and I soon realized I was entering into another deadly disease called 'Depression'. But, I was strong. I started looking for ways to keep myself occupied with things I loved doing. And writing was the remedy. I started two blogs simultaneously. One was a personal diary sort of a blog where I wrote daily happenings in my life, thus trying to find some positive energy. The other was this blog which I had initially named 'Chicilicious' (which obviously was a bad name choice). 

I loved playing dress-up as a child and even to this day, I can spend hours locked up in my bedroom trying to find ways in which I can style my dresses and surfing the internet and making notes of the latest trends followed by celebs and designers. I would then try to come up with my own version of things and that is exactly what I wanted to share with the world through this blog. I later realized that the name was not doing any justice to the theme of my blog and hence changed it to 'A Blush of Pink'. 

In 2012, I started pursuing MBA in Marketing and Finance. I loved the subject Marketing because I could understand branding, retailing, integrated marketing communications, etc. so much better. I somehow saw myself growing in my career with this field of studies. And then, I shifted my entire concentration to completing MBA with merit. Needless to say, I was surprised when I was announced the topper in class and started becoming the favourite student of so many professors. My consistency in contributing towards the blog started decreasing. Not because I lost interest, but because I wanted to come back and do something big with it. Either, I contribute nicely or I shut it off and get lost (Well, that was exactly what I had in mind).

After completing MBA in 2014, I was placed with a company in Chennai. The initial couple of months were amazing. I loved every bit of my job and would come back home and spend time on my blog. I was juggling between the two very effectively. But again, life had other plans for me. Something really unfortunate happened and I was brought back to Assam by my parents. 

I was not the one who would give up so easily. I took up a job in my home town to take care of my expenses and also started educating myself further. Every minute I was free, I would read articles on how I could make my blog bigger and better. And bit by bit, I started constructing my blog all by myself. I still continue to learn and experiment. And throughout this journey, my fiance has been my biggest support. It is with his help that I continue to realize my dreams and make them a reality building the monument fixing one brick at a time. 

Some of my favorite things are: Food, Ice Creams, Books, Travel, Fashion, Shopping, Sunglasses, Lipsticks and Lip Balms, Perfumes, Fancy Stationery Items, Quotes, Photography, Love, My Fiance, Cuddles, Colours and Gifts.

You can catch my newest outfits, reviews and stories right here, and see what I got to share daily on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.


  1. I liked the way you described yourself. Quite interesting indeed. Something that you missed is that you have good observation and writing skills.
    Some of your 'about me' lines I can directly pick and paste in mine. I mean many things are common. Please visit my newly started blog and let me know your opinion

  2. Hey.. its a great blog.. best of luck!!!


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