The 4 Rules of Basic Maintenance for Women

Being low maintenance doesn’t mean being messy or unkempt. In fact, the simpler your routine is, the more you can get done, even when you have very little time on hand. On a daily basis, there are a few things that you should be quite particular about, are which should be non-negotiable if you want to feel naturally beautiful.

Rule 1: Clean Right, Smell Right!

If you are indoors, wash your face with plain water at least three times a day, and pat dry. It keeps the oil patches at bay, and works as an instant refresher. Include exfoliation into your daily regimen. This gets more important as you get older. You need to scrub off all the old layers of dead cells to let the fresh skin underneath shine through. It also keeps blackheads and pimples away, by keeping your pores clean. Use a gentle exfoliating cream once or twice a week and your skin will thank you.

Body odor is one of the biggest pet peeves. Pick your favorite perfume and always carry a bottle of it in your bag to spritz on in case it’s a particularly hot day. Experiment as much as you like but find your signature smell and stick to it. This makes it easier to pair your other products so the smells don’t clash. There’s nothing like being remembered for the fragrance that whiffs by!

Rule 2: Fuzz Free!

There is one thing that is absolutely not acceptable on a lady: body hair! It’s a curse that we have to go through the pain and torture of waxing, threading, tweezing and shaving. But ladies, this is not optional. Especially given that on Indian skin tones, even a slight growth is very noticeable. Imagine putting on a gorgeous dress and sexy heels and then having a hairy leg poke through. No way. All we want to see is smooth, shiny skin. 

WAXING: When it comes to areas like arms, legs and underarms, you can choose between shaving and waxing depending on your skin type. Most of us have grown up going to the salon to get our limbs waxed, which is painful, but whose benefits last longer. Besides, now they have different kinds of wax and strips which they claim is less painful. Make sure you find a really good salon with high levels of hygiene and technicians who are quick and efficient, and it won’t be so bad. If your facial hair is over-powering, waxing might be an easier option than threading or tweezing!

SHAVING: It is quicker and easier but then you have to go through the whole process every few days because the hair grows back pretty quickly. Make sure you have enough time on hand when you’re in the shower or you might end up with a few ugly nicks and cuts. Just never touch a razor to your face. Leave the stubble for the men! An epilator is a bit more painful than shaving but is a quick and easy do-it-at-home option as well. Get yourself a recognized brand and epilate away!

BLEACHING: It is a pain free way of getting rid of unwanted facial hair on the upper lip and sides of the face. But this is a job for the professionals; if you don’t mix the chemicals in the right proportions, you could land up burning your skin or developing an allergy. You also need to keep checking on the color so that it matches your skin tone instead of turning it bright golden, which will do nothing to conceal the hair.

Rule 3: Perfect Brows!

Whether you have a pretty decent natural shape or not, always learn to remove the extra strays with a tweezer and that makes a world of a difference. It gives you a clean look, which no one is ever going to complain about. If you have to go to the salon, find someone who can enhance the eyebrow without destroying its natural shape.
Women have the tendency to be obsessed with looking thin and this sometimes extends to their eyebrows. But thin eyebrows only give your face an unnatural, stern look, so fight the temptation to make them superfine. Strong brows are in fashion anyway; just look at all the models on the catwalk and in fashion magazines.

Rule 4: Don’t forget that Mani/Pedi!

There’s nothing worse than dry, calloused and cracked feet! You don’t want your feet to make people cringe! Keep them baby soft with regular pedicures. You can even give yourself one at home. Don’t ignore those feet; they need their share of TLC.
Always try to maintain shorter, bare nails, rounded on the tips because that’s what makes best sense. If you can afford to have long nails, that’s perfectly fine, but make sure you file them regularly and keep them super clean. Please avoid the temptation to bite your nails and if you can’t then the next best option for you could be getting acrylic nails. Get them done by a proper nail technician and they should last for a month or so. Neat and clean never goes out of style.

Must Have Grooming Kit

You can’t always run to the parlor every time you need to step out for an important occasion. Here’s the must-have list every woman should stock in her bathroom for a super-quick grooming session:

·         * MANICURE SET with nail cutter, cuticle pusher, scissors and nail file.
·         * BLOW DRYER to be your at-home hair styling pro.
·         * A good pair of TWEEZERS and SCISSORS for a quick eyebrow-shaping session.
·         * A top quality ladies’ RAZOR and skin-soothing shaving or bath gel.
·         * Durable FOOT SCRUBBER to prevent cracked heels.

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