The 3 Wardrobe Essentials of a Working Woman

Every working woman no matter what her job profile is, should have these three essentials that can see her through any crisis.

A Sturdy Carry-All

This is a working woman’s survival tool. I personally like massive leather totes that can fit your whole world, and have dozens of little pockets and compartments inside so you don’t have to dig through the whole bag to find your stuff. I also like ones which have both shorter handles and a long strap, so you can switch between carrying it on your arm and shoulder. Indian brands like Lavie make reasonably priced bags especially for the office goers. High-street brand like Zara, Louis Vuitton and Mango also offer trendy as well as affordable options.

Your bag must be large enough to accommodate the following:

Wallet - Invest in a good one; it’s most unimpressive when a shabby wallet is pulled out of an exquisite bag. Plus, always ensure that your wallet has space enough for the 3 C’s: Cash, Cards and Change!

Cell Phone, Tablet, Kindle, IPod, Chargers and other technological innovations that you cannot function without. Don’t overdo the technology in your bag. You don’t want to break your back lugging this around. So pick and choose carefully. And don’t become an office drudge: get yourself some good-looking tech!

Make-Up Case that can carry your essentials! Kajal, Mascara, a lipper and a hair brush for that last minute touch- up before an unexpected work lunch or post 6 pm meeting!

Wet Wipes – Don’t raise your eyebrows yet, just hear me out. In our tropical climate, dust, sweat and grease are totally unavoidable. Wet wipes can be used to give you a 2-second face refresher, clean your hands after eating greasy snacks or even wipe off a gravy stain. Believe me on this, face wipes have a zillion uses and is a must have at any time!

Mini Perfume- Carrying around your 100ml bottle of perfume will make your bag weigh a tone. I recommend, always carry viles of your favorite perfume in your bag and you wouldn’t have to worry about smelling fabulous all day. Body odour is a strict No-No, please!

Sunglasses for those trips in between meetings. Remember, your eyes need as much protection and care as your face or body and you just can’t ignore your sunglasses!

Snack Box – You should always carry a bit of food in your bag, be it peanuts, almonds or some fruit. Remember, you still want to snack healthy even between nine-to-five!

 A Well Fitted Jacket for All Occasions

It doesn’t matter if you’re a DJ, heart surgeon or history teacher. There will be an occasion when you’ll need to wear a jacket, and you do not want to be a grown woman borrowing one from a friend. Invest in a basic color like black, navy blue, white or grey that can be worn over many different outfits. There’s nothing like getting one custom made for your body from your tailor. Remember, a jacket is all about the fit; so when you’re buying a ready-made jacket, make sure it fits you like a glove.

A Classy Ethnic Outfit

Most women prefer avoiding saris to work, because it can be quite time-consuming to drape one properly every day. But I think your wardrobe is incomplete without having at least one special Indian garment, either a churidaar, the latest in trend kurti with palazzo or sari that you can wear to occasions like the Diwali party, or a special conference. Indian women look most beautiful and gorgeous in the sari, and an elegant one makes you look sensual yet traditional.

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So, those are the 3 wardrobe essentials of a working woman. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what is your 1 wardrobe essential besides these 3 that you just can't do without. I always love to hear from you guys. 

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