The 7 Different Styles of Jeans

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Getting the right silhouette for your body takes some effort, and I know enough women who still haven’t figured out their perfect fit. So take some time out and try on every style till you figure yours out. And that’s the best thing about jeans: there’s a signature style for everyone! Plus, it is one of the most versatile clothing items that you can own. Here’s a quick low-down on all the styles out there. So try and spot yours!

 Boot Cut:

A little flare at the bottom gives the bum a good shape, and balances out the typical Indian hourglass figure. Separate your jeans into casual day pairs and slightly classier night options. A classic dark blue boot-cut paired with peep-toe pumps will make you feel as sexy as if you were wearing those short dresses that everybody has been running around in.


Despite what every woman wants to believe, skinny jeans only really work for those with long slim legs. So, if you are lady-long-legs, you know what to pick! And if you’re wearing boots over your jeans, stick to skinny. Nothing’s worse than crumpled denim bulging out of your slick boots. If you’ve got thick calves, you can get away with tucking them into boots. 

Straight Cut:

Instead of wishing you looked like Kate Moss, trick your body into feeling long and lean with jeans that are cut straight on the leg. They skim past the calves, hug the thighs, and give the illusion of supermodel stems. This is one of the best denim innovations when it comes to camouflage!


This one works on slim tall women. Yes, it’s unfair, but would you rather look like someone drowned you in the laundry bag? A clever way to work around the trend is to buy a shredded pair with straight leg, and fold up the hemline. It’s a healthy compromise.


When it’s in vogue, it’s a rage and when not, it can be a complete fashion faux pas. The flare can be as dramatic as bell bottoms or a more conservative A-line; either way, check your fashion report before you try this one on!

Low Rise:

This is a tricky one! If you’re super toned, show off that mean waist and hips. But if you’re even slightly flabby, stay far away from this style as it tends to dig into your stomach and hips and create that dreaded muffin top. When you’re trying these out bend over, crouch and sit to ensure you don’t show off your behind!

High Waist:

The whole retro vibe of the high-waist jeans that some brands offer is highly appreciated by us. But those only suit women with tiny waists and proportionate hips because they emphasize your figure, rather than camouflage it. And if you are pear-shaped, be ready for some very honest answers to the ‘Does this make me look fat?’ question.

Denim Faux Pas!

1. Paint splatters. Please stay away from these even if it was spotted on your favorite celebrity. We don’t want you looking like a lost construction worker. No cloth patches either. I know it is in trend now. But, believe me, it's soon going away.

2. Sequins and embroidery on jeans were popular in the 80s and 90s. They haven’t been since.

3. While we think torn jeans and a white shirt is the perfect look, it could go horribly wrong. Choose a jeans with rips on the right places like near the knee or lower thighs. Any higher than that could give your audience more than what they paid for.

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