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Oshea Herbals UVSHIELD Sunblock Gel - Review

Last month I reviewed a Sunscreen 'Cream' where I mentioned that Sunscreen products come in different forms. There is the lotion, the gel, the cream, the oil, the sprays, and many  many more. In today's post, I will be reviewing a Sunblock Gel. 

Now, the difference between a Sunscreen and a Sunblock is that there are two types of protective lotions – chemical and physical. Sunblock, the physical kind, contains both organic and non-organic ingredients that sit on top of the skin acting as a barrier between your skin and damaging UV rays by reflecting or scattering UVB light. On the other hand, Sunscreen, the chemical kind, penetrates the skin and absorbs the UVA rays before they are able to reach and damage your dermal layer. 

I will do a more detailed post on the different types of sun-protective products sometime later. For now, having said that, let's move on to the review.
By now you would have heard and read about Oshea Herbals Brand. I have previously done reviews of…

The 7 Different Styles of Jeans

Before I begin, here's a small disclaimer. This post was originally written by me for a website called I am an author on this digital magazine since the past year and I have written a lot of posts on Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fitness and Style. You can head over to the website for amazing articles on a variety of topics, all put together by really amazing authors. 

Coming back to the topic...

Getting the right silhouette for your body takes some effort, and I know enough women who still haven’t figured out their perfect fit. So take some time out and try on every style till you figure yours out. And that’s the best thing about jeans: there’s a signature style for everyone! Plus, it is one of the most versatile clothing items that you can own. Here’s a quick low-down on all the styles out there. So try and spot yours! Boot Cut:A little flare at the bottom gives the bum a good shape, and balances out the typical Indian hourglass figure. Separate your jeans into casu…

Envy 1000 Crystal Dazzle - Review

Body odour is one of the biggest pet peeves. At least for me. I always carry a bottle of my favourite perfume or deodorant in my bag to spritz on in case it is a particularly hot day. Believe me on this, there is nothing like being remembered for the fragrance that whiffs by!
That said, today I am going to review another Envy 1000 Crystal - Dazzle, a Perfume Body Spray, a leading deodorant brand from Vanesa Care. I have previously reviewed Envy 1000 Crystal Magic and Divine here

ENVY 1000 Crystal range of Perfume Body spray is for the sassy young divas who loves to lure attention with her mystic frangrance.
Created for a magnetic and enticing woman, this lovable fragrance opens with the top notes of orange blossom and the heart is rich jasmine while the base is enriched with the notes of patchouli and rose honey accord. What I think:
Undoubtedly, ENVY 1000 has done a great job with this fragrance as well. It lasts for a good 5-6 hours on a not so hot day, while for about 4 hours on a ver…

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