Oshea ROSEMOIST Winter Care Cream - Review

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Like I said in one of my posts, Winters come with really harsh and drying effects. Our skin, especially that on our face tend to look flaky, old and extremely itchy. And, this is a time when we need to completely change our skin care regime as well as the kind of products that we use on a daily basis. Today, we will be talking about another product from Oshea Herbals, called Oshea Rosemoist Winter Care Cream. By now you must have noticed that I do a lot of reviews of products from this Brand and most of the times I end up getting really good results from it. There has been rarely a time when a product from this brand did not work on my super sensitive skin. So, let's begin the review for Oshea Rosemoist Winter Care Cream:

What Oshea Rosemoist Winter Care Cream Offers

This cream cures dry, flaky and itchy skin caused by winters. It traps the moisturizer level to ensure flawless, soft and radiant skin. It also fights aridness and works on cell renewal process to improve firmness and smoothness of the skin.


It is enriched with extremely effective formulation of natural Moisturizing Agent, Neem, Tulsi and Vitamin-E. Rose and Aloe Vera extract is an active ingredient in this cream.

Direction to Use:
After cleansing and toning skin, apply Rosemoist winter care cream in dots all over face, neck, knee and elbow area. Use finger tips to gently massage.


Rs.165/- for 50g 

My Experience with the Product:
I have been using the Oshea Rosemoist Winter Care Cream for over a month now and yes this is a satisfactory winter cold cream. It gives you exactly the right amount of smoothness and moisture and avoids drying or flaking of skin or any kind of itching that comes with the drying winds of winter. It also ensures that your skin retains the right amount of elasticity throughout the day thus making skin absolutely soft and supple. However, this cream also promises flawless and radiant skin which it fails to provide. It is just like any other cold cream that does not allow your skin to become dry and provides moisture and oil to the skin that it fails to produce in adequate amount during winters. The cream comes in a small tub that makes it absolutely easy to use and can be carried anywhere easily. The texture of this cream is soft creamy and is white in colour. It smells like rose-water. I apply it twice daily, once in the morning after taking shower and then once as and when required. But, applying once in the morning is just enough to last the entire day if your skin is not ultra-dry. Also, since this is a herbal product, it is extremely skin friendly but is suitable for dry to combination skin types only as it is a little oily in feel. I recommend people with oily skin not use it as it may make your skin feel and look more oily.

This product is available on all major departmental stores as well as online portals across the country. 
Rating: I would rate this product 3.5 out of 5 because I feel it's just another cold cream. It does not stay by its promise to provide flawless and radiant skin.
Note: Oshea Herbals was kind enough to send me 2 free tubs of the Oshea Rosemoist Winter Care Cream. However, I review a product only after using it and all my reviews are 100% genuine and based on my experience using them.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Comment below and tell me how do you take care of your skin during winters. I would love to hear from you guys.  
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