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Oshea ROSEMOIST Winter Care Cream - Review

Hello Everyone,
Like I said in one of my posts, Winters come with really harsh and drying effects. Our skin, especially that on our face tend to look flaky, old and extremely itchy. And, this is a time when we need to completely change our skin care regime as well as the kind of products that we use on a daily basis. Today, we will be talking about another product from Oshea Herbals, called Oshea Rosemoist Winter Care Cream. By now you must have noticed that I do a lot of reviews of products from this Brand and most of the times I end up getting really good results from it. There has been rarely a time when a product from this brand did not work on my super sensitive skin. So, let's begin the review for Oshea Rosemoist Winter Care Cream:

What Oshea Rosemoist Winter Care Cream Offers

Claims: This cream cures dry, flaky and itchy skin caused by winters. Ittraps the moisturizer level to ensure flawless, soft and radiant skin. It also fights aridness and works on cell renewal process to i…

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