The 5 Golden Rules of Denim Buying

Hello Everyone, 

According to me, you can't really call anything jeans unless they're blue. All the red, green and mustard or anything under the sun that everybody's wearing now, we should call pants or trousers, or invent a new term for them. Anything except jeans. I know I am exaggerating my point. But that's me anyway. 

Before I share my golden rules to denim buying, here is my Outfit of the Day.

Picture Credit: Rahul Sahu (Brother)

Dress Details: 

Top: Ratnapriya, Jorhat
Dungaree: Ratnapriya, Jorhat
Pumps: Sohum Shoppe
Ring: Addons
Book Clutch: Siri, Jorhat (Gifted)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Watch: Omega

Dungarees have been my favorite since childhood. But somehow, back then it was a statement more for the nerds and geeks. And now, well, with the most revamped versions available out there, it is more of a style statement and there's one available for everyone. What do you think?

Going back to the topic, here is my guide to help you shop the perfect pair of denim.

1. Make sure it's fitted at the waistline and hips without cutting into your stomach.
2. The hem should reach down an inch past your ankle. This makes the pair versatile enough to be worn with flats and heels without trailing on the floor. Else, get it cut and hemmed at the store itself!
3. It should have enough stretch in the fabric to allow you to dance, bend or sit cross-legged effortlessly. Do a little jig with it in the trial room if you have to be sure. 
4. The waistline should be high enough to protect your assets when you bend or sit down. The trend of having your panties flash over the top of your jeans never really took off. So let's just forget that dark phase in fashion history. 
5. And finally, the most important: make sure your butt looks good. Else you're throwing money down the drain. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let us know what you think by commenting below. If you have any tips and tricks you follow before buying your jeans, I would love to hear it from you. 
Love You Lots. Until Next Time.
Stay Young, Stay Stylish... :)


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