Denver Batman Deodorant - From Man to Hero - Review

Hey Everyone!

How many of you love Super Heroes? Now here's some good news for the ones who do.

Last time, I spoke about the Denver Extreme Range here. Denver now has two more new products called the Denver Batman Knight Warrior and Denver Batman Urban Legend

Denver Batman Knight Warrior possesses an ultra masculine fragrance and opens with rosemary, artemisia, lavender, bergamot with the richness of galbanum, cinnamon and juniper at heart. The base is emblazoned with amber, patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver which aim to the warrior who takes adventure of the night.

Denver Batman Urban Legend has a fresh spicy citrus top notes. Its aromatic fragrance is intense and has masculine woody accords and the base is enriched with musky and warm woody elements.

Like I mentioned last time, I love perfumes and I don't care whether it is for men or women. If I like it, I use it. And therefore, though these happen to be for men, I used them both on myself first and tested. 
Here are some amazing things I found out about these deodorants. 
  1. Denver Batman Knight Warrior took my heart away. Though it is a little strong for my liking but unlike Denver Batman Urban Legend, it is sweet and sensual. 
  2. Denver Batman Urban Legend is way too stronger than Knight Warrior and I kept sneezing for almost an hour before my nose got used to the fragrance. But wait, that is my personal opinion. My brother, on the other hand, loved it and like last time, before I could blink an eye it was gone with him. (I have already mentioned a zillion times before that I am all for soft and sweet scents while my brother is just the opposite. He loves all thing spicy, rugged and harsh.)
  3. They last for a good 12 hours. Though the smell blends with the skin and gets softer, but it still lasts for a good 12+ hours. (Like most Denver deodorants).
  4. They eliminate body odour 100% and I would only re-spray once I took my second-shower-of-the-day in the evening. 
  5. They do not allow your armpits to sweat and keep you feeling fresh all day long. 
  6. They are extremely skin safe and have no side effects even on extremely sensitive skin like mine.
Again, like most Denver deodorants, these two also have this unique ingredient in it called TEC (Tri Ethyl Citrate) which inhibits bacterial growth and decreases sweat secretion. 

Inspired from the spirit of the Dark Knight, Denver Batman deodorant has been packed in an all black can with imported ‘twist to turn’ cap which is absolutely easy to use and hassle free. 

Price and Availability:
This deodorant is priced at Rs. 249/- only for 150 ml of container and is available across retail stores, modern outlets and also on e-commerce portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc.

Rating: I would rate it 4 on 5 for the simple reason that the Denver Batman Urban Legend was way too strong for my liking and gave me headache with an hour of sneezing. However, I am definitely going to finish the Denver Batman Knight Warrior using it on myself. ;)

Note: Vanesa Care was kind enough to send me 2 free containers of the Denver Batman Knight Warrior and Denver Batman Urban Legend. However, I review a product only after using it and all my reviews are 100% genuine and based on my experience using them.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Comment below and share which deodorant is your favourite and if there's any product you want me to review, I would be more than happy to do so. I always love to hear from you guys.  
Love You Lots. Until Next Time.
Stay Tuned, Stay Stylish... :)


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