Denver Extreme for Extreme Performance - Review

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Wondering what I am going to blabber today? Well, here I come with another product review.

When a man is going through the rigors of real life, dealing with struggles and extremes to achieve his goals, his deodorant also struggles to keep up with him. Whether while training, or once they have achieved a goal, a deodorant should be the last thing on their mind while being on the world stage. That's where Vanesa Care brings Denver Xtreme; it has doubled the power of any regular deodorant and won't let the user down in any circumstances. Well, at least this is what was promised by Mr. Saurabh Gupta, the CMO of Vanesa Care. 

Denver Extreme has two new products called the Denver Xtreme Endurance and Denver Xtreme Balance

Denver Xtreme Endurance is a vibrant invigorating fragrance that opens with fresh notes of citrus, aldehydic tone blended with green notes. The mid-notes consist of cologne blended with lily and other floral notes, and the base is enriched with musk and patchouli.
Denver Xtreme Balance is a perfect fragrance for the real men who strive for right balance under xtreme conditions. It opens with fresh bergamot, mandarin with a hint of lavender. Its heart is enriched with geranium and galbanum and base is composed of amber, vetiver and musk.
As soon as I got these two deodorants, I wanted to use them both on myself first. I don't care if a deodorant is for men or women, as long as I love the smell, I use them on myself too. 
Here are some amazing things I found out about these deodorants. 
  1. They smell delicious. Omg! I mean like really, they smell so amazing, I fell in love.
  2. They last for a good 12 hours. Though the smell blends with the skin and gets softer, but it still lasts for a good 12+ hours. 
  3. They eliminate body odour 100% and once applied, I did not have to worry about doing the re-touch spraying bit. 
  4. They do not allow your armpits to sweat and keep you feeling fresh all day long. 
  5. They are extremely skin safe and have no side effects even on extremely sensitive skin like mine. 
  6. My friends loved the smell so much, they wanted to know which deodorant I was using and were more than happy to use it even if it were 'for men'.
I personally like the Denver Xtreme Balance since it is more softer than the Denver Xtreme Endurance and I am more of a soft and light perfume lover. But, that does not mean I did not like Endurance. It is great and probably men would love Endurance more than Balance. My brother stole my Endurance and left Balance for me to use and that's how I know this. :P 

Denver Xtreme has this unique ingredient in it called TEC (Tri Ethyl Citrate) which inhibits bacterial growth and decreases sweat secretion. 

Price and Availability:
This deodorant is priced at Rs. 199/- only for 150 ml of container and is available across retail stores, modern outlets and also on e-commerce portals.

Rating: I would definitely recommend this deodorant and I think one of these is a must have for all men. I would rate it 5 on 5 and I think I might use it more often on myself. ;)

Note: Vanesa Care was kind enough to send me 2 free containers of the Denver Xtreme Endurance and Denver Xtreme Balance. However, I review a product only after using it and all my reviews are 100% genuine and based on my experience using them.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Comment below and share which deodorant makes you feel fresh all day long. I would love to hear from you guys.  
Love You Lots. Until Next Time.
Stay Tuned, Stay Stylish... :)


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