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In the past, jumpsuits have been called many things. From being hailed as the ‘greatest fashion trend of all time’ to ‘gone with the ‘60s,’ the jumpsuit is perhaps the most misunderstood fashion fad of all time.

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Many women shy away from slipping one on as they are afraid to carry it and feel insecure about its fit. While this may be a major concern for plenty of women around the world, the jumpsuit can be adorned by women of all sizes. However, this is possible only if proper attention is paid to the styling and aesthetics pertaining to the desired look. In this post, I will list several jumpsuits suited to the appropriate body type coupled with some essential style tips to help you rock the jumpsuit!

Jumpsuit tips for curvy women:

If you are a plus-size gal and haven’t yet given the jumpsuit a go, it’s time to have some fun. As most jumpsuits come with a cinch at the waistline they can give curvy women the much desired hourglass shape. Many curvy celebrities and models such as Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham have been spotted in jumpsuits from time to time, and I feel it’s time for others like you to follow suit.

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Opt for solid or plain jumpsuits that can create a camouflage around the waist and lengthen the body shape enhancing your curves naturally. Write this down for you must avoid chunky prints that occupy a large area at any cost as they will only make you appear bulkier. When clubbed with high heels, rompers can work wonderfully if you have a nice pair of legs to show off. You can even go for a jumpsuit with a lower neckline which displays your collarbone.

Jumpsuit tips for slim women:

Women with a slim and slender frame should choose loose-fitted and flowing jumpsuits as they can bring your curves to the fore. Denim is highly recommended for a slim body frame. Pair denim dungarees with a white tank top, black loafers and sunglasses with a white frame and look incredibly chic this season.
If you have good height, then crepe jumpsuits should be your thing to wear at parties or even sophisticated events. When going for a crepe jumpsuit, match the tone of your clutch with the jumpsuits’ to create harmony and balance in style. Slim women can also consider buying textured jumpsuits as they can add weight to the look and make them appear fuller.

Jumpsuit tips for petite women:

Women with smaller body frames must always go for short rompers and playsuits. Denim playsuits will grace a petite frame gracefully whereas flowing or floor length jumpsuits will only make you appear shorter. You can indulge in floral jumpsuits as they are the hottest trend in spring/summers apart from being the most popular choice of jumpsuit print of all time.

Common tip: In summers, make sure you have a wardrobe full of cotton jumpsuits; the lightweight fabric offers maximum breathability and tension free wearability.

Vaibhav Kattar is a writer and musician. He is currently working with and enjoys researching and writing about fashion.

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