How to Wash Sheer Fabrics Without Ruining the Material.

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Guess what? Today we have a guest post by the very renowned Surf Excel. This is a product or brand that needs no introduction. The Pioneers in the Indian detergent market will tell us today how you can wash Sheer Fabrics without ruining the material. So here you go. Over to Surf Excel. 

A Blush of Pink recently recommended sheer fabric as a fashion trend that would continue to be a hot topic in 2014. Adding a heap of sophistication and just a touch of wow-factor to any outfit, sheer materials are something we should all be incorporating into our wardrobe this year, both in work and out. However, the very nature of what makes sheer fabrics so irresistible– the delicate, barely-there look– is exactly what makes so many women fear clothes made from silk and nylon. Sheer fabrics have a bit of a reputation for making laundry day a complete nightmare, but is it really that difficult to wash these materials without damaging them? No! Don’t be put off buying sheer fabrics because of the washing issue– laundering these materials can actually be very simple.

Use a gentle setting

Many people opt to hand wash sheer fabrics, and while this is a good way to ensure the materials are well cared for, it really isn’t necessary if your washing machine has a gentle or hand wash setting. These settings are specifically designed to mimic hand washing, with very slow and gentle manipulation of the clothing rather than a vigorous spin. One of the most common problems associated with sheer fabrics, particularly with nylon, is that harsh washing machine cycles will eventually cause bobbling on the material. A gentle cycle won’t do this, so don’t be afraid to wash!

Purchase laundry bags

Laundry bags are your new best friend! Available from most stores that sell detergent, these bags are made from mesh, or netting, and act as a protector for your delicate clothing. Simply pop your sheer fabrics into the bag, close it up, and put the whole thing into the washing machine. The netting allows for water and detergent to get into the fabric ensuring a thorough clean, but it also prevents the fibers from snagging on the internal workings of the drum. Laundry bags are inexpensive, and can also be used for many other garments, such as beaded sarees, family heirlooms, and any other garment that could become damaged in the washing machine.

Avoid high heats

Although materials such as wool are typically the biggest offenders when it comes to shrinking, silk garments can also become distorted when subjected to high heats. Ensure your water temperature is set to a maximum of 30 degrees celsius, and avoid using the dryer if possible (if you absolutely must, turn the dial to the lowest setting). A common question is “Will my clothes come out clean when washed at 30 degrees?” –and the answer is yes. A 30 degree setting is not only warm enough to tackle stained clothing, but is also much better for the environment (and your household bills!). In fact, for clothing that isn’t particularly dirty but simply needs freshening up, you could even go a little cooler!

Washing sheer fabrics is remarkably easy. You don’t even need to buy a special detergent­– regular laundry detergent is friendly to most sheer fabrics. Just be sure not to put too much in or you could be left with residue. 2014 is gearing up to be the year of sheer– so why not add a bit of shimmer to your wardrobe?

So, now you know how to keep your Sheer Fabric last for long. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the post. 
What detergent do you use? Tell me if there's any trick you know to keep your clothes bright and last for long. 
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