2014 Fashion: 3 Trends That Are Here to Stay.

Hello Gorgeous Ladies,

The most interesting thing about Fashion is the fact that its a constant vicious circle. What was in vogue in our grandmother's times will eventually once again be in vogue sometime later but maybe with a little twist. Some fashion trends will do the rounds and stay for a little longer while there are others which stay on for a very short span. Today we will talk about 3 trends from the last year that are here to stay throughout this year too.

1. Sheer: 
Sheer Fashion Trend has been predominantly in fashion circles since 2008. It is still big in 2014. Do not let go of your best sheer clothes just yet. Sheer adds class and elegance to almost about any look. This trend started with the smaller items like stockings and these smaller items have added great oomph since then. 

2. Prints: 
I remember how as little kids we were made to were gorgeous printed frocks. Well, prints in different forms, most specially the retro prints are making it big day by day. Designers seem to just not want to let go of this trend. Constant innovations to prints from subtle smaller ones to bold floral prints to abstract ones, not just make us feel wonderful and feminine, it brings out the child in us. 

3. Oversize: 
Over-sized clothes speak volume. They make us look theatrically stylish and fashionable. But, this trend may get extremely disastrous if not put together with intelligence. They key to cracking this trend is to bring about a balance in the volume. Pair over-sized tees, tops, sweaters, etc. with skinny jeans or jeggings or even the most figure hugging lowers you own (read: skirts, capris, etc.). And I bet you'll look beautiful. 

(Picture Credit: Pinterest)

{All items from the collage available at JABONG}

So, now that you know what is going to stay, enjoy the year in style and be the most glamorous lady that you have always been. And remember as I always say, do not forget to EXPERIMENT. 

Wishing you all a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR. It's never too late to wish, right?

Hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed putting this post together.

Love You Lots and Best Wishes.
Stay Young, Stay Chic-ilicious... :)


  1. all for prints, they are must have in the wardrobe - ALL SEASONS@@. Great post


    1. Well Said, I have a thing for huge bold prints for any outfit. And I also force my mother to buy printed Sarees... :) Thank you for commenting dear.

  2. Vow.... Stunning looks in these gowns. I really wanna this to add ma fashion room :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment. You sure can add this to your network with a link back. Go ahead.

  3. The first dress is beautiful! Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love if you followed me!

    xo Andrea

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