Addons- For a perfect Style Statement.

Hello Everyone,

As I have always emphasized, Accessories can make or break your look. Accessories not only help add polish to your look but also enhances the feminism in you. 

'Addons' is all about your desire for heavenly accessories. It is a brand that understands the needs of the young 'fashionable' girls and finds and makes available to them the best pieces. It has this wide variety of products starting from bags to shoes to accessories to jewelry, all under one roof. Addons is marked by its range of products in gorgeous colors, smart cuts and marvelously flattering pieces. Wouldn't you want to see some yourself? 

Collection of Bags. 
Some beautiful bracelets from their collection.
Gorgeous Charm Necklace with the classic Owl.

Beautiful earrings and studs. There are many other delightful ones available too.

The brand not only has its stores all over India but also has a website that is dedicated towards treating it's customers with the convenience of shopping from home. 

Recently, I was in Chennai for a month and fortunately, I was at Phoenix Marketcity Mall where I came across the Addons store. Undoubtedly to say, given what a shopaholic I am, I spent all my bucks buying the best accessories for myself. Some of my purchases included a couple of necklaces, rings, bags and belts. 

This bag was my first pick from Addons and  I got it for Rs. 1499

This necklace is also available in black and cream. But I loved the red one and hence picked it in red for only Rs. 499
My purchases also included the 'Golden Contemporary Style Double Finger Joint Ring', a bib necklace in black metal and a brown wide belt. Keep tab of the website and you never know when they'd be generous enough to treat you with huge discounts and offers. There's one right now. 

Visit Addons (website or store) for some uplifting retail therapy and you'll be glad to see what a perfect style statement you make.

I hope that was exciting. So, just don't wait and stare at your screen like that. Loosen your pockets and get the best accessories from Addons right away. 

Love Lots and Best Wishes.
Stay Young, Stay Chic-ilicious... :)


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