IFFD Fashion Summit- 2013 at New Delhi.

Best of Fashion: IFFD Fashion Summit Sets the Pulse Racing
IFFD Redefines Fashion, Introduces Young Talent and Celebrates Success of Veteran Designers.

Straight from Delhi, Setting the stage on fire, the Fashion Summit organized by Indian Federation for Fashion Development celebrated the glamorous world of fashion by stimulating the creative energies of young as well as established designers. After a successful event last year, the IFFD Fashion Summit got bigger, better and more fashionable this year.

Organized at the Eros Hilton hotel in the fashion capital of the country on March 29th, 2013, the fashion summit saw immensely talented designers presenting their collections and not only this For the first time ever fashion fraternity and the likes got there due Acknowledgement and Appreciation with IFFD Awards.

From different backgrounds and with exclusive expertise, the designers including Rajdeep Ranawat, Samant Chauhan, Sumit Das Gupta, Amit Talwar and Vikas Jain, Sanna Chandana, Rosy Ahluwalia, Alka Kumar, Appeejay Institute and popular brand Lotto charmed the guests with their awe-inspiring collections. Some of the big names of the fashion world from all over India including Fashion Designer Rohit Bal, Aridam Chaudhuri, Chairperson and Founder, IIPM, Singer Shibani Kashyap, Raashid Alvi, Meenakshi Dutt Sood, Vandana Vadhera, Aamer Zakir, Shehnaz Hussain, Shalini Vij, Ramola Bachchan, Alka Lamba, Swatimodo,Meher Bhasin, Nitya Bajaj Birla, Saloli amongst others made it to the fashion show and cheered the designers. International buyers, fashion companies, experts, companies and who’s who of the fashion industry as well as the entertainment sector from all around Delhi were gathered at the event to motivate aspiring designers and acknowledge the work of veterans.

Rajdeep Ranawat opened the show with this wedding collection and received overwhelming response. Rosy Ahluwalia, on the other hand, presented her candy inspired collection depicting vibrant and vivid candy colors like Pink, Blue etc. With her collection, Rosy Ahluwalia brought the latest fashion trends during this summer season on stage. Another designer who displayed extraordinary designs was Amit Talwar. His clothes reverberated royalty and grandeur; Amit created magnetism in his designs that captured one’s deepest secrets and desires while jewelry designer Vikas Jain complemented his attire with his aesthetically pleasing jewels. Moreover, Alka Kumar’s AKS JEWELS welcomed the guests into a world of sparkling rubies and seductive emeralds, pretty sapphires in a flawless duet with diamonds in a picture perfect setting. All things considered, the show which was sponsored by Mercedes Benz, Blue Jewellery and Alps was an amalgamation of splendid colors, remarkable designs and luxurious dressing.

IFFD has always contributed to social causes and played their part in order to raise awareness about the concerns of the society at large. This year, the Summit paid a tribute to women - the theme of the fashion show this time was women empowerment and they exceeded the expectations of the audience with their innovative illustration. Among the other eminent personalities, Camellia Suman participated in the show and installed her art to depict the acts of women subjugation and gender inequality. Raising a toast to women, the summit this time honored them and gave them a chance to leave a mark with their ingenuity.

Kiran Kheva, Founder and Director, IFFD, said, “The month of March is dedicated to women. We wanted to partake in this revolution that our country is witnessing by highlighting the pivotal issue of gender inequality. Women are excelling in all professions and the idea behind our theme was to acknowledge and recognize their contribution in the fashion industry. It was a worthy cause and the best way to underscore it is fashion!”

Furthermore, the Summit hosted awards to reward the contribution made by designers, fashion houses and people related to the industry. Winners included Shahnaz Husain and Habib Ahmad for Industry Icon Award, Rohit Bal for Life Time Achievement Award, Swati Modo for Footwear, BLUES jewelry for Best jewelry Company, Appeejay for Best Institute and other awardees were Javed Habib(Best Hair stylist), Tarun Khiwal(Best Fashion Photographer), Radhika Jha(Best Jewellery Designer),Da’milano(bags),Aamer Zakir(Image Consultant) and many more.

IFFD was formed by Kiran Kheva and Avinash Pathania to catalyze the growth of the Indian fashion industry and revitalize the sector. IFFD along with popular brand Lotto brought back the magic by collaborating with Apeejay Institute. IFFD showcased the work of college students who are still trying to find their feet in the industry. Not possible in larger scale fashion shows, it was a big leap for the students to be guided by veterans in the industry.

Avinash Pathania, Founder and Director, IFFD, commented on the success of the Summit saying, “IFFD serves as a platform for all the aspiring and renowned designers to make networks and find their foothold in the industry. IFFD Fashion Summit gives them a platform to showcase their talent and hone their skills. We collaborated with Appeejay Institute to help emerging stars of the fashion world in taking the first step in their journey. All in all, it was a great show and we are glad people are taking away something from this.”

What is IFFD?

IFFD as a body was born from the commitment to uplift and revitalize the Indian fashion industry. It provides an opportunity for fashion industry members, both new and old, to create networks that will facilitate action and inspire industry growth. It also provides useful and up-to-date information to keep the industry on top of what is happening locally and abroad, to make it more competitive and to encourage a thirst for quality education.

IFFD serves as a marketing platform for all within the industry; from the student who wants to share his/her talent to the household names we have come to know and love. By increasing local and international awareness of Indian brands and talent IFFD hopes to inspire increased demand and brand loyalty.

With these primary directives IFFD hopes to assist in creating a positive knock on effect that will facilitate job creation and growth for the industry.

Coming to pictures from the Event:

From Left - Amit Talwar (Fashion Designer), Ramola Bachan (Socialite) and Sulish Verma (Designer) at IFFD Fashion Summit.
From Left - Avinash(Director IFFD) with Kiran(Director of IFFD).
Rohit Bal with Ratan Deep Lal receiving Lifetime Achievement Award.
From Left - Shahnaz Husain with Raashid Alvi (Congress Spokesperson), Member of Parliament.
From Left - Sanna Chandana (Youngest Designer) with her collection.
From Left - Shibani Kashyap(Singer) with her Husband Rajiv Roda.
From Left - Shibani Kashyap (Singer), Rosy Ahluwalia (Designer), Alka Kumar (Jewelry Designer) and Rajiv Roda(Shibani' Husband).
From Left - Swati Mehrotra(Shoe Designer) with Rohit Bal.
Aaamer and Venus.
Shekhar Sharma and Swati Modo.
The List of Awardees were:

Life Time achievement Award-Rohit Bal
Industry Icon- Shahnaz Hussain,
Industry Icon- Habib Ahmad,
Hairstylist- Javed Habib
Footwear- Swati Modo
Image Consultant- Aamer Zakir
Kidswear- Niharika Pandey
Jewellery- Radhika Jha
Best Stylist- Aditya Walia
Bags- Da’milano (Sahil Malik)
Sleepwear- Suman Nathwani
Promising Designer- Dolly J
Photographer- Tarun Khiwal
Promising photographer- Shekhar Sharma
Choreographer- Rashmi Virmani
Young Entrepreneur- Ayush Mehra (SBJ)
Promising Face(female models)- Pari Sahu
(male models)- Sarthak Varma
Face of the Year : Ankush

25 years in the industry-CEO- Bharti Taneja- ALPS Beauty
25 years in the industry-Kailash and Deepika Chandana- Designers
Best Institute- APEEJAY Universtity.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
Love, Luck and Kisses.
Stay Young, Stay Chic-ilicious... :)

P.S. This is my first event coverage post, therefore, I'm not pretty sure if you liked it. Please do drop in your comments and let me know what you think. 


  1. Looks like a great event and you did a great job with the coverage!

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