Singapore Diaries- 1: NTU Tour and Night Safari.

Hey Everyone,

Most of you must be aware that recently I was on an educational trip to Singapore. Well, to be frank, it was more of a fun-education balance. We enjoyed classes at the 'Nanyang Technological University' (NTU) as mush as we had fun roaming about and seeing places. And the best part of the entire week long trip was bringing back wonderful memories, and the beautiful pink certificates we got after the training. The trip was for the whole of the MBA batch at The Assam Kaziranga University, the first of its kind in entire India and the first University in India to take all its 70 students for a Global Immersion Program at the very year of its inception. Wow! A dream come true. Eh?

DAY 1:
We reached Singapore on 17th February at 7am. The moment we landed, I fell in love with the Changi Airport. It was dark outside even at 7am and that was the first surprise. (Many surprises followed thereafter, you'll know shortly). The airport was flooded with beautiful stores from Coco Chanel, Alfred Dunhill, Burberry, Hermes to Gucci, Prada and Miu Miu. You definitely know how tempting it gets when you see so many wonders under the same roof. Thanks to the great arrangements from college, we did not have time to visit those stores. They'd probably have left me at the airport if I got late. Singaporeans are extremely punctual. Infact, they reach destinations half an hour before schedule. Something that we Indian have to learn from them. More specifically, we Assamese, because as we say, Assam is a state of 'Laahe Laahe' (slow and steady) and we feel its totally OK to be late.

Destination 'NTU' is a little township and a world of its own. It has the biggest campus in the country, 200 hectares of Yunnan Garden campus which was once a Youth Olympic Village back in 2010. We were allotted rooms at the Executive Guest Wing where we rested the first day and visited some different spots within NTU taking a self tour in and around the area.

Singapore is famous for its race track like strategically planned roads and buildings, cleanliness and off course the chewing gum ban. No. I am not kidding.

DAY 2:
Destination 'NTU' Engineering Block to attend the "International Travel and Culture Fair 2013" followed by a trip to the 'Night Safari'. The 'Night Safari' is an advanced version of a typical Indian Zoo where you get to see a varied species of rare animals from around the world while you travel around a man-made Tropical Rain Forest in a Tramp. Two things you just cannot miss here are: 1. The Thumbuakar Performance where a few young men and women dance and show tricks with the fire with utmost elegance, and 2. The Night Show where again a few young men and women would perform tricks with the little animals including a huge Python. These people have exceptionally brilliant presentation skills and if not anything, you'd die laughing at their wonderful right on the face jokes. Needless to say, we saved a lot of money as group check-ins at almost any place at Singapore comes at a 25- 30% discount. Extremely tourist focused. The day ended with dinner at an Indian Food Court and leaving for the NTU Guest Wing at around 11pm.

Oh! Sorry, I'm sure you must be waiting for the pictures. So, here you go:

Day Look:
(To the NTU Engineering block, Library and the Fair later.)
Friends- Monica and Suraj. Photographer: Our Dean. *giggles*
Aah! The great man. Finally, met him. The founder of NTU.
All science books. Just posing. I would hardly understand anything like Aerodynamics. :P
Night Look:
(To the Night Safari).

Darn! Trying to tear off the Crocodile's Jaws.

My friends Monica and Suraj. Backdrop audience is our class.
Until next time,

Stay Young, Stay Chic-ilicious... :)


  1. Its always fun to read travel diaries, especially since I too recently had a holiday in Singapore!! I love your colored denims, a nice pop of color!

  2. Looks like a fun filled trip!

  3. You sure had a lot of fun! Lovely pic :)

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  4. Hope you had a great trip!
    and Congrats!!! you have won an award. Visit for details.

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