A Pretty Tale of Elegance!

Hey Everyone,

Right now, the focus is on being feminine and loving the finer things in life, all over again.

Accessories help add polish to your look and enhance the feminism in you. But well, leave the pearl studs to grandma for now. Instead pick classic with a quirky edge, like a statement piece, crystal danglers, fringe inspired necklaces, tribal prints and structured jewelry, earth-crafted pieces and cute hair extras.
Yes, you heard that right.

Earth-crafted Accessories and jewelry are an expression of your inner self. They are the newest trend and being looked up at by fashionista’s. Had we ever thought earth would be that fashionable? These jewelries not only add to your poise of grace and allure, but are totally elegant and flirty, casual and chic at the same time. The generation is here to make optimum use of all available resources and stylishly so. People are more interested now in handcrafted stuff more than ever before. Aren’t our ladies then the biggest achievers in terms of fashion and style then?

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Earth-crafted accessories spell ‘ladylike’ and add instant glamour to almost every look you pull. They are simple, stylish and graceful and are here to set new style rules. After all, accessories are an integral part of almost every fashion diva’s dressing.

The Financial New Year is here before you realized, so it is important to start learning about the new fashion trends. Some of the 2013 fashion trends are carried on from the previous year while others are completely new. If you take the time to research next year’s fashion trends, you will look stylish all year. Fashion accessories, which can range from watches, headdresses, rings, scarves, clutches and many more, have become a staple piece to complete one's ensemble. It is evident in its growing popularity among ladies nowadays. Seeing career women and even young girls who make the conscious efforts to stay updated on the latest accessory trends is nothing out of the ordinary.

Finally, you would want to know: Why Accessorize?

There are several reasons why many people do not leave their house without donning their latest accessories. One reason is that they get to show the world they can follow trends and in the manner of staying updated, they can display their social status as well. There are many luxury accessories that only a few wealthy people have the privilege to buy. Additionally, when you wear the right accessories you get the opportunity to complement your personal style. By simply including a statement-producing ring or scarf in your usual daily garments, you are given the outlet to show off your real personality.

Another hot on the trend item: The Body Chain.

Body chains and harnesses seem to come back into style every few years and this year, unique costume jewelry has really had its time to shine. The most famous Rihanna has been shamelessly following this trend for quite some time now. And believe me, I love the feel and precision body chains provide to your figure. The fashionable crowd is always looking for the next impractical yet stylish accessory. They may not be functional but who said that fashion had to be functional?

Accessorizing right, I repeat, can make or break your look. No matter how rich, how high-end and how high maintenance you want to showcase yourself, if you do not accessorize right, nothing will work. 

Hope this was a helpful post.
Until next time,
Love, Luck and Kisses.
Stay Young, Stay Chic-ilicious... :)


  1. i am checking out chor bazaar right now.i love the necklaces..and the body chain trend is awesome

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  2. I have yet to try the body chain accessory, don't know whether I would carry that off ! I just picked up some organic jewellery too from Dilli haat ! but this chor bazaar has some cool designs too..

  3. Everything is good, even much better than what I had expected, I am sure leather jackets on cwmalls.com are made of genuine leather as it was much heavier than those jackets made of PU.


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