The Green Room- Wendell Rodricks (Review)

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It's been two to three weeks now since I have finished reading this book called "The Green Room" by Wendell Rodricks. Well, to most of us fashionable people, Wendell is a Fashion God. So when I saw this book on BlogAdda, I had to instantly apply for it. The process was like an automatic switch or say, more of a natural choice. 

A Look at The Green Room. Malaika is on the cover page.

Fashion Industry in the early 20's

Fashion Industry in  2012
'The Green Room':

Residing in the remote village of Colvale in Goa, designer Wendell Rodricks has successfully managed to remain in the main stream of the fashion industry creating new looks each season which inspire and influence Indian Fashion. The Green Room is about Wendell's Journey from birth to becoming the man he is. The very first chapter talks about how his mother was surprised by the 'ugly' baby she had given birth to. Sad thing. Wendell was brought up in a way where he learnt automatically to appreciate and take truth and ignore flattery. That makes a real man. It is about his journey from a middle class kid, who has seen the extremes to a rich and famous designer who inspires a million young designers and under whom the country transformed from "India" to "A Fashionable India". It is about a journey of the Indian Fashion Industry from the late 20's to the present. 

Wendell did not just do things for business or for selling clothes. He loved to have fun and do things that excited him. An Except from the book: 'In February, the Wendell Rodricks Design Space had a fun makeover lunch at the Solar dos Colacos in Ribandar. We chose five Goan ladies to be made up by maestro Cory Walia, whom we flew down from Mumbai. I explained to the ladies about clothes and proportions. Most women are forever in search of the best lip color, the latest eye make-up and how to sculpt cheekbones; Cory Walia gave them all that and more. The makeover was a big success.'

Wendell's Other Books:

Moda Goa- History and style.
Inside/ Out.
Indian Fashion Designers.

Brief about The Green Room:

by Wendell Rodricks

Publisher: Rain Tree 
ISBN-13: 9788129120229 
ISBN-10: 8129120224 
No. of Pages: 380 
Format: Hardcover 
Language: English 
Publishing Year: 2012

What I Liked the Most:
The Book not only talks about the journey of the Fashion Industry, but also gives a very pleasant visual treat to its readers. Wendell's entire journey is captured in the form of pictures in just 8 pages and those 8 pages will linger on your mind for days on end. 
The history of the Fashion Industry is kept well in sync with Wendell's Journey and a fine fabric is weaved very sensibly out of the two. 

Rating: If you are into fashion and designing, 8/10 would be the Rating for you. Because Seriously, every fashionista ought to know Wendell's Story. 

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