'Sublime Joaillerie'- A Rima Ravindran Venture.

     Hey Everyone,

     Meet Rima. She's a contemporary luxury Jewellery Designer based in India who has recently launched her own line of jewellery "SUBLIME JOAILLERIE". She has worked with various markets in the Industry ranging from European to Asian to Middle Eastern as well as the American market. When she approached me to feature her designs on the Blog, I was more than Happy to say YES. :) Very obvious, isn't it? ;) Let's have a look at her splendiferous designs.


A Glimpse of Rima and her designs.

       A Little Interview with the Gorgeous designer behind the Splendid designs:

      1. How did it all begin?

My foray into Jewellery Designing was initiated by my fascination for the arts. After finishing my graduation from SNDT, I began my career working with companies in the Middle East and India, like Damas, Al Futtaim Watches & Jewellery and Tanishq. This gave me the opportunity to work with various markets like European, Asian, Arab and American. I went on to find my niche in the European market, and this, coupled with my exposure to contemporary art is what led me to start my own venture, Sublime Joaillerie.

2. Why ‘Sublime Joaillerie’?

The whole process of creating jewellery is sublime, from the inspiration to the visualization of the design, to putting it down on paper, to the final production of the piece. The idea behind using the French word for jewellery was just to emphasize on the European style of jewellery that I work with and since Parisians are known to be fashion forward, I thought the name to be apt.

3. What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a line inspired by the various dance forms of different cultures, like, Kathakali, Ballet, Jazz, and Paso Doble.

      4. How have the last 12 months been for you?

Since Sublime Joaillerie is still in its early phase, much of the year was spent on marketing my brand as an upcoming luxury contemporary brand.

      5. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me, is not just about being trendy and chic. It is also the freedom to explore and express yourselves and being confident with the statement you choose to make.

6. What was the 1st thing you ever designed?

The first piece I ever designed was a pendant inspired by bikes in a parking lot, at my college campus.

      7. Who inspires you?

My sister, who is an artist, greatly influences and inspires my design style. I also take inspiration from fashion icons like Elie Saab and Balenciaga.

      8. How would you define the style your work exemplifies?

My designs are contemporary, effortlessly elegant and feminine without being over the top.

      9. How would you define your personal style?

My personal style, I would say is subtle femininity with a bit of an edge.

      10. Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

I am looking at collaborating with Fashion designers and Jewellery houses to gain a wider platform, so that’s where I see myself in 2 years time.

      11. Where can we find out more about or purchase your work?

You can visit www.sublimejoaillerie.com for more information on my work. Since all my designs are manufactured on order, the client would be required to contact me directly.

      12. What motivates you to do what you do?

I enjoy art in all its forms and I think that Jewellery is just that perfect blend where art meets fashion. Being able to create something new every day keeps me motivated.

Finally, ways to connect with Rima:-

Hope You enjoyed reading.
Do let me know if you loved Rima's Designs.
Until next Time,
Stay Young, Stay Chic-ilicious!


  1. Awesome necklace....I like very much....

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    Thanks & Regards

  2. Great post!
    Love the first necklace most :O

    Following you via GFC,hope you can check out my blog,xo


    1. HI there,
      Thank you so much for following.. :)

  3. Beautiful pieces! Loved reading about Rima!
    Thanks a bunch, Kavita, for taking interest in my blog and following! Ashy is a sweetheart!
    I'm following your fabulous blog back on GFC (Juneli) now!
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours


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