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Hello Everyone,

A lot of people say that we are about to enter a 'Post-Digital' world. Well, i would say, let's stop talking about it as something yet to happen. I is already here and probably that's the very reason you are reading me. It's a world, where people come first. Believe it or not, digital has taken over our lives. Customers have become more aware of their requirements and want everything on their laptops or even cool- the iPad. 

Ever heard about Shop.InOnIt ? It is an online retail website that is rapidly gaining popularity. What is more awesome is that here you can shop online from unique emerging and upcoming designers and brands across India. The site has products ranging from handbags and laptop bags to home decor and accessories, from quirky kitsch to classic styles for men, women and kids as well. Selecting and Shopping was never that fun. 

You have a question and the website allows you to contact the designers themselves regarding any concerns that you might have. Could it have got any better?

Here's for you.

And there, I bring you a treat.

15% discount code valid till November 25th: CHIC15DISC
The products and services at the website.
You sign up for their newsletter and instantly get Rs. 1000 to shop with them.
 Here are some of their products. Full of color, vibrant and really eye catching. You would instantly fall in love.

Sneak peak at the Women's Section.
Some dresses, tops and tunics.
Men's Tees.
The Jewelry Section.
Colorful and vibrant scarfs. I fell in Love with these. Still confused which one should I pick for myself.
I could die for these iPad and Laptop pouches. Do you see the designs? Aren't they lovely?
I think these clutches would add drama to whatever you wear. What do you think?
I wish I could grab all of these.

The best part about this site is, unlike most other Indian retail websites, Shop.InOnIt allows you to Bulk order, is open to shipping "INTERNATIONALLY', and off course, having friends is always an added advantage. ;) 

And here are some of my favorite picks:

These are acrylic stirrers. 
Beautiful shorts. Aren't they?

The print on this blazer is really awesome and I'm definitely going to buy this right away.

One thing that makes the website stand out from the others is the availability of all things funky and blissful prints. You'll hardly find stuff like that at such prices. The website is really doing a great job and I'd happily rate it 9/10. (I take away 1 point because I feel the prices could have been a little lower for some people's liking). 

To see more Products and To Shop their Collection, Click HERE.

Hope you enjoy shopping.
And till I come back,
Stay Young, Stay Chicilicious...

P.S. Wishing all Indian Readers A Happy Dhanteras.


  1. Cool blazers! I love the prints! x elma

  2. Awesome review :)You should also check out Shop InOnIt's style blog

  3. hi

    yaaa it's true noways we have not time for shopping, so i m always shopping by
    this site provide online shopping services.


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