Accessorizing with a DIY Body Chain.

Hi Everyone,

Body chains and harnesses seem to come back into style every few years and this year, unique costume jewelry has really had its time to shine. The most famous Rihanna has been shamelessly following this trend for quite some time now. And believe me, I love the feel and precision body chains provide to your figure. The fashionable crowd is always looking for the next impractical yet stylish accessory. They may not be functional but who said that fashion had to be functional?
I recently have been going through a lot of body chain tutorials and finally have come up with my own version of the same. Here I’ll teach you to custom design your own body chain for your body type and size? I’ll show you how to create a basic chain with your own variation of charms.

- bent nose & needle nose pliers (or jewelry pliers)
- any charm with holes on both ends
- 4 to 6  jewelry rings
- a lobster claw clasp
- chain


ATTACH RING – Gently open up the small metal rings. Do not open them more than necessary or it will be very difficult to reshape the ring. Loop the ring through the first hole of the charm.

ATTACH SECOND RING – Link the second ring on to the first one. Do not shut the second ring close yet.

ATTACH CHAINS – Loop two separate lengths of chain on both sides of the charm and then carefully clasp the ring shut without too much force. Make sure that the rings do not have room to slip off of each other. Not that the length will vary according to your design/style of body chain. It is best to simply take a long chain and look in the mirror as you drape the chain on yourself and judge the measurements. You can always remove and re-attach links if you are unhappy with the result.

REPEAT ON BOTTOM – Repeat the first 3 steps for the bottom of the charm. At the stage when you are attaching the chain, you will attach the ENDS of the first two chains that you attached. Essentially, you are forming a large “8” formation with the chains.

TRY IT ON – Test out your new body chain. Make adjustments if necessary.

ADDING CLOSURE – If you are happy with your result, the last step is to add a closure. This is necessary so that the loops don’t slide off your arms when you move around. Simply pick a point near your upper back where you can link the two chains together with a short length of chain and a clasp!

Voila!  Your body chain is ready. 

Here are a few pictures of Body Chains that you might like:

Image Source:

Hope you loved the post and will soon make your own Body Chain and flaunt it with Elan...
Until next time,
Stay Young, Stay Chic-ilicious :)


  1. Loved the post :) Ive been searching for a body chain,now im just gonna make one :)

  2. Hey I was wanting to know what measurements you used for the chains?

    1. Hi Colette,

      Normally, I do not measure, and use long enough chains so that it just falls just above my waist. it depends on person to person to use the sizes they prefer. One person's body chain might get short or too long for the other person if their heights differ. So I'd suggest you use sizes that'd best suit your height and that'd easily fall just a few inches above your hips.

      Thank You so much for taking the interest.. :) Hope you'll make a great Body Chain for yourself and also that this post was helpful. :)



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