The Krishna Key- Review

The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi is a classic tale. Sanghi explores the myth of Kalki- the final avatar of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu to be precise. The tale starts with an excerpt from the deity that speaks of himself in first person and his predecessors and how his entire lineage was cursed to be 'king-makers but never kings'. Sanghi wisely moves through a tale of murder and an ensuing chase that travels back and forth in time from Vrindavan and Mathura to a classroom in St. Stephen's College in Delhi.

The Krishna Key is more like the Indian version of The Da Vinci Code. Forty five year old professor Ravi Mohan Saini, who teaches the history of mythology at St. Stephen's College, is the unlikely sleuth who scouts on the trail of the 'poor' little rich boy Taraak who believes he is Kalki. In this gripping tale, Kalki is a serial killer who embarks on his bloody journey with the murder of Anil Varshney, a young symbolist in Rajasthan. Varshney is Saini's oldest friend and more like his brother. His murder at the beginning of the narrative- "The Da Vinci Code style"- becomes the spur in Saini's life, turning him into a sort of Robert Langdon, the star Protagonist of Dan Brown's cult classic- looking for clues to the gruesome death.

The writer chose Mahabharata as his reference point and has attempted to look at mythology as a hidden truth. The very beginning of the book poses a question on the existence of Krishna. Not all historical references made by Saini are true though. 

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Clearly a masterpiece, No matter what, it's not a small task to collect such tremendous information and to sew these pieces together so creatively to put into a book and undoubtedly the author has done a great job. For me, it was a perfect blend of spirituality and thrill. Added to that, what is yet another marvel is the tempo of the book. It is set high and remains consistent throughout. I feel I'm still in the book. It is very hard to remain the tempo of a book and if remained is the sign of a good author. Saini has proved yet again ( the first tine in Chanakya's Chant) that he is there for some serious business with the reading habit of book lovers. The book has already topped the bestselling charts and is there to stay.

The very fact that our Indian culture is so rich and so many possibilities exist to spawn a whole new thriller based on stories of India is very exciting. Sanghi may just inspire so many new authors which is badly needed in India. It's about time that we discovered our own culture and take pride in it. We need more such authors- the likes of Sanghi who so effortlessly peddle Indian Fiction and not just with mediocrity but with excellence. 

Final verdict- You definitely got to read this book if you are the least bit Spiritual and at the same time love Thrillers. 

Rate: 8/10 (Must Read).

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