Saturday F Slave I - Ashwini.

Hey Everyone,

Starting this Saturday, every alternate Saturday will feature a Blogger of my choice. This Section shall be called Saturday F Slave.

Today I'm featuring Ashwini from THE ZING OF MY LIFE.

Ashwini aka Ashy is our new style Diva. I met this beautiful lady over InFB- Indian Fashion Blogger's Site and instantly fell in love with her blog. She is bold, beautiful, wise and a trendsetter. Happily Married for 3 years now, her personal style is Girl Next Door and Feminine.. She is a girl who says 'Fashion is where comfort and style come together. Fashion is all about balance- a balance of colours, accessories and confidence'. She loves cooking, playing Lawn tennis, travelling, shopping and reading books.

An Engineer by education and Business Analyst by profession this beauty has worked in the Investment Management and Equity Trading domain for almost 6 years. She left her job just recently when she had to move to a new place in the United States and has dedicated herself to full-time blogging since then.

Here's a message from Ashwini for all you wonderful readers: 

Don't feel shy to try new colors and styles, just be sure they suit the occasion you are wearing for. At all times be professional and take your dressing seriously. If you are dressed for the job you want, people are bound to take notice and respect you. Last but not the least, wear tons of confidence with your outfit and you will shine through!

This beauty is confident, classy and knows what to do and where she is headed. We love her style and the way she moves. Don't We? 
And now, here's a glimpse of her.

Ashy, We'd love to see more and more of you here. All the Best.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
Until next time,
Stay Young, Stay Chicilicious...

P.S. If you are a fashion and lifestyle blogger and want to be featured on Saturday F Slave write to me at-


  1. I love her looks, she's really fabulous!
    Georgia x

  2. Kavita, thanks u soo much dear! its a very well written and composed article, I'm so proud of you!
    you go girl!!

    1. All for you girl... Glad you liked it... :)

  3. i love the first outfit .):) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want :)

  4. great outfits...suits Ashy well.


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