Hello Everyone,
Recently I've been really really busy with my cousin's engagement... It was one great event. A total success and a very joyous day for the family in like ages...
I don't want to say much this time. Here are a few pictures from the event... Hope you'll like them... 

That's Chocolate he's sharing with her.

Don't they look like Love Birds?

This is my cousin's would be Mother-in-Law.

Here's my cousin and her fiancĂ©e with my Parents. 
Thank you for Visiting.
Hope you liked it.
Will be back soon.
Untill then, Stay Young, Stay Chic-ilicious. :* 


  1. lovely pictures.. Hope u had a great time : )

  2. hey looking great yaar kavi..nice pic
    " made for each other "
    and u r also looking fabulous

  3. Thanks a lot Nitika nad Mann... I have a bombastic time... Super enjoyment... :)

  4. Beautiful and you look amazing and the bride was stunning. thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. U really had a great time, thanks for sharing a sweet pics with us :)

  6. Thanks a tonne for the appreciation... :)

  7. Your cousin looks really pretty! And so do you!
    Thank you for the sweet comment! Appreciate it! :)


  8. It's lovely you share that pictures!!!
    Gorgeous photos!!!

  9. Thanks for the beautiful comments friends...

  10. Congratulations!! God bless your cousin..they make a lovely couple <3
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    Hoping to see you on my blog :)


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