When November Ends.

Ok. Today I'm just feeling like thanking all those people/followers for giving me and my blog so much love and on my facebook page too. When I started Blogging around 6 months back I just never expected so much appreciation. But today, as my followers increase and my friends pour in their lovely comments, I feel just so Overwhelmed and Loved. Seriously. Maybe those are just too understated words. That feeling just cannot be expressed in mere words. I know I have a long way to go and this is just the beginning. But I just hope I keep getting the love and appreciation and it keeps increasing with every passing day.

Thank You everyone for following me, dropping in your comments and Loving me so much. :) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. :* Kisses.

Dress Details:
Woollen Top: La Soon.
Stockings: Unknown.
Shoes: Catwalk.
Bangles: Thrift.

See you guys soon,
Till then,
Stay Young, Stay Chicilicious... ;D


  1. hey, there, kavita! you look amazing! the dress is really pretty on you--absolutely love the print. very mod-looking! love how you wore your tights with the white strappy sandals. great contrast! you're a pretty girl. i enjoyed this look, and hope you are having a great weekend. ...til next time!

    jasmine :)

  2. Hello Jasmine,
    I'm glad you loved the look... It's the love from fellow bloggers that gets me going... Thanks once again..
    Love and kisses,

  3. First of all we r love u too.... i'm totally appreciate ur that gorgeous look....stunning Kavita... loved to see u in Stocking...nice ur woolen dress.

  4. love the prints on your dress <3

  5. Thanks a tonne Mahi and Eunica. You are so sweet... :)

  6. Great combination Kavita!!!!! Xoxo kisses back

  7. This is the best! I agree with the 1st comment.
    Did you ever wear stockings with thong sandals? I think it would look really cool!


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