Oh Yes, I'm Single.

You must be wondering, "Why this title"? Well, Oh Yes, I'm Single..!..And So Is My Girlfriend..! is actually a book by the Indian author Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi. All of you who know me personally or are following me on twitter by now must be very familiar with my addiction to books of anykind. Be it a book on Law and Order or anything otherwise called "Crap" is all stacked up in my little library and read and re-read almost more than twice. (Yes, I mean it. All of them). It's been almost a year now and I'm totally addicted to all Durjoy Datta books. And now this book is #1 on my wishlist. 

Durjoy Datta is the bestselling author of five books, Of Course I Love You! (2008), Now That You’re Rich! (2009), She Broke Up, I Didn’t! (2010), Ohh Yes, I Am Single! (2011) and You Were My Crush! (2011). All of these books have enjoyed prolonged stays on various bestseller lists.

One of the youngest and the most prolific authors in the Indian fiction scene, his works are characterized by dark humor and in-your-face realism. He is seen as one of the most unabashed writers in the genre.

Let me just give you a very small summary:

“Ohh Yes, I Am Single! ...And So Is My Girlfriend!” is the story of Durjoy Datta, narrated to his best friend, Neeti Rustagi. In the book, Durjoy tells Neeti about his love life. Starting from his first crush in school, Nisha, he tells us about every girl that has come into his life. And quite an interesting story that is!

In school, the fat, dark nerd, who everyone ignored, no one wanted to be friends with. Durjoy is invisible to all. And all he can see is: Nisha. The cutest girl in class. She is what rules his life. Though she knows nothing about it. And when she does, “she smiles. And her friends laugh.”

I felt sorry for Durjoy for a while there. And then he changed. TRANSFORMED. From the fat, geeky nobody, to the college stud. Everyone wants to be around him. He’s one of the cool guys now. And just then, comes Sarah. She the hottest girl on the planet, and she has recently broken up with his best friend. And so, it’s his shoulder she needs to cry on. And his lips she needs to kiss! His first kiss!!!

After her episode is over, with her getting back to the ex-boyfriend, another girl comes into his life: Sheeny. This one’s a lot different (and a lot cuter) than the rest. And this is the girl Durjoy first makes love to. But their story has a very sad ending. I had tears in my eyes as I read it.

Anyway, so a lot of girls come and go, until of course, THE ONE finally makes an entry. And an exit. And an entry again. Exit again. And entry again. Exit again. And for the final time, entry again... to STAY. Forever! It was one part that was getting kind of repetitive, but it was all awesome by the end. 

After reading, I had a good feeling about me. This is a story of how rare it is to find true love. and how easy it is, to lose it. But if it’s really meant to be, and you are really sure about her, you just have to take the leash and go get her! Fairy-tale ending! Wow! 

Having said all that, here's what I wore to go book browsing to my favourite Planet M:

Dress Details:
Top: Pantaloons.
Jeans: Gifted by Mom.
Handbag:On sale from Karol Bagh.

Thank You everyone for dropping by.
Hope you liked the post.

Untill Soon.
Stay Young, Stay Chicilicious.


  1. I had read d book long back too !! Durjoy's books are sooo interesting & fun to read !! : )

  2. the blazer is amazing. love how you accessorized your outfit with the red bag and shoes. so awesome that you have such amazing thrifted items! i am a huge thrift, vintage girl. :)

  3. Thank You Jasmine... Your feedbacks and appreciations mean a lot to me. You're such a sweetheart. :)

  4. Blazer= so chic...loved the way u accessorized with ur Denim. its too good to see u sooon!!!

  5. Such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Wonderful photos!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  6. Thank You so much for dropping by and appreciating my work Fabrizia...
    Will surely follow you soon. :)

  7. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Of course I follow you back, but can you please check if you are really following me, bacause I can't see you in my followers list!!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  8. thanks for your visit on my blog and for your sweet comment, also I like your blog, Now I am happy to be your follower , I hope you will want to follow me also on fb

    http://keepintouchwithfashion.blogspot.com/ have a good day ... keep in touch ....

  9. on twitter my name is "jeasmineinco" thanks my dear!! kiss kiss from napoli!

  10. great outfit! love the jacket :)


  11. Thanks Elly. Thanks for the follow too.. Loves and kisses...

  12. Hi I just discovered your blog and I think it's amazing! Love this outfit :)
    Check out my blog, I always follow back my lovely readers :)

    Xoxo, Maya <3


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