Some Self Love.

Lately I've been wearing a lot of this overwear. Goes without saying that I'm totally in love with it and since this happens to be my favourite colour, I'm going to make sure I wear and tear it to the very end.. :) Okay, these photos have been in my drafts for like a week now and given the fact how lazy and lousy a rat I am and my super screwed up internet connection here it is finally, up for all of you to see. :) :) Another thing I'm obsessing on quite for some time now is my red nail paint and flirty pink Lakme lip conditioner. You heard it right. Lip Conditioner. The smoothest thing ever for my lips. I just don't wish to remove it. All other colours seem to be too dead and pale when compared with it.
What are your latest obsessions??

Dress Details:
Tube and Shirt: Unknown.
Jeans: Levis.
Shoes: Ice.
Accessories: Thrift-ed.

Will be back soon. 
Untill then,
Stay Young, Stay Chicilicious... ;D


  1. Loved ur Tube & Shirt. Incredibly awesome look as well as ur outfits, pretty sweet n chic.

  2. Thanks for the love Mahi.. And thanks for dropping by... :)

  3. lovely pictures!

  4. Thanks Gina. Thanks for stopping by... :)

  5. Chic outfit! :) Love your top :) Keep blogging! I am following you now via Google Friend Connect. It'll be fantastic if you follow me too! Thank you :)

  6. Thanks for the love and appreciation Lovely B. Will surely see your blog and follow back soon.... Regards... :)

  7. Sweet & chic outfit doll, I'm a major fan of striped little jackets and yours are so cute. I like your sandals as well

  8. Love the top! <3

    I'm a new follower! Maybe we could follow each other? :D Thanks very much!

  9. Thanks a lot for the appreciation Sam. It's people like you guys who inspire me and encourage me to showcase my personal style. Thanks for dropping by.

    Carina, Thanks a lot for following me. Will surely see your blog soon and follow you back. Keep the love coming.. Thanks. :)

  10. i am a sucker for stripes and i adore that striped down blazer! it's girly and boyish at the same time and i love it!

    what do you think if we follow each other? ;)

    keep blogging dear! i also started blogging coz i was inspired by the many fashion blogs here in my country. now, we have something in common ;)

  11. Oh sure Eunica... Thanks for visiting my blog and spreading the love around... Will surely visit your blog and follow back...

    Also, that's for the appreciation. Another thing in common is the love for Stripes... Hope we discover more such common interests... :)

  12. glad to have you in my dash! followed you ;)

    i'm lovin your outfit posts, dear! keep 'em coming ;)

  13. Pleasure is all mine darling... :* <3 Love and kisses... :)

  14. aw you look pretty ! love your outerwear, it looks great on you :)

    The Endless Wishlist

  15. Thanks a lot Nixie... Great compliment. Thanks for dropping by too. :)

  16. gorgeous outfit!
    now a follower of your lovely blog :)

    share the love?

  17. thanx for the lovely comment dear.... following ya..

  18. Super cute blazer! I am so digging fun blazers in colors that pop! Anyway, I will definitely be following, sweetness!

    ~Stay Styled to Wow~

  19. Thanks a tonne Style Bot...
    Love back to you... :)


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