Hello Buds,
How have you been doing?
Today I'm in a very good and chirpy mood. *please don't ask reasons coz I don't have any*. I woke up late, had a cup of coffee and the very next thing I did after taking a bath was to put on my brother's shirt I had been eyeing for quite some time now. You won't believe how much of a hard work I had to do to get that shirt. Since it's my brother's favourite, he obviously showed a lot of 'nakhras' before finally giving it to me. The deal. Well, I had to take him to lunch. And here's how I went. And YES, I made the poor creature click my photographs too. :) 
I know I'm EVIL :D

Sorry about this particular picture. I know it's blurred but I liked the pose.

As seen, I've kept it simple because this is the first time I've tried this kind of a look. I was however amazed at how people turned heads to take one more glance. Don't I look smart? What do you think?

Dress Details:
Shirt: Raaga.
Jeans: Levis.
Shoes: Ice.
Watch: Fastrack.
Belt: Raaga.

Will be back soon.
Untill then,
Stay Young, Stay Chicilicious... ;D


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