Life Is...

Life is to live in peace
As peace approaches in brotherhood.
Life is to live in harmony
As harmony approaches to non-violence.

Life is to live in happiness
As happiness leads to heart of others.
Life is to live in kindness
As kindness reaches to the poor.

Life is to live in togetherness
As togetherness leads to unity.
Life is to live in different style
As different style leads to admiration.

Life is to live in LOVE
As LOVE leads to love for people.
Love for God and love for all.

Amidst so much violence, destruction, greed and people thirsty for one another's blood, my heart aches and wishes for love, harmony, non violence, kindness and undying happiness. Therefore, this little piece from deep within.

Coming to the outfit, this is what I wore for a movie with my roomie today.

Dress Details:
Jeans: Gifted by Mom.
Shirt: Zaara.
Ankle Boots: Catwalk.
Scarf: Unknown (from
Blazer: Unknown.

With a promise to be back soon,
Till then,
Stay Young, Stay Chicilicious... ;D


  1. Haha... Thanks Nitika.... :)Got it just for Rs.299... :)

  2. those are my fav colour combo....i utterly fell in love with ur sense... loved ur Zara's white shirt and over word about ur catwalk.... White+Denim+Black+Jacket... a huge compliments Kavi.

  3. Thanks a lot Mahi. That's a great compliment from anyone... :)

  4. Really nice scarf Kavita and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  5. My pleasure totally... Thanks for dropping by and leaving the wonderful comment.

  6. No. It is not... It was bought on SALE from the online site


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