Sheer Love.

Hello Friends,
I've been away from this blog quite for some time now. Busy with the endless classes and AIMCATs. It has really really drained me out to every bit now. Have missed my blog so much. So today, I decided to just take some time off and click pictures although I was getting late for classes. My room-mate is such a sweetheart to have helped me with clicking all those pictures. And I am such a bully to have made her delete countless pictures only to come up with these few nice ones I've shared here. 
So here you go. I dont have much to say now because there's something important bothering me.
But there's some serious heart pouring coming up soon.. So BEWARE. :D

Dress Details:
Jeans: Levis Bold Curve,
Vest: Unknown,
Shirt: Zara,
Shoes: Ice,
Belt: Label-less,
Bag: On Sale from Karol Bagh.

Will Be Back Soon,
Till Then,
Stay Young, Stay Chicilicious... :D


  1. hey! Thanks for your love on the blog :) the white florals look nice..perfect for summers..What does AIMCAT stands for? the only scary CAT i know is common aptitude this any different?


  2. I was gonna ask the same thing what is AIMCAT? :) You look good!

    ♡ from ©

  3. AIMCAT is All India Mock Common Aptitude Test that the TIME institutes hold to prepare you for the real exam. These are online test papers kind of.

    Also, Thanks for the compliment Sovina and Tanvi.. Love you both...


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