Welcome Note To Self!

So, Finally here I am. My first appearance in this blog.  I have been postponing the thought of blogging since what seems like ages now. The reason being, Well, maybe I was too lazy, too engrossed with graduations and off course what tops the list is the place I belong to. Jorhat never gave me the opportunity to experiment with my looks, my wardrobe, And my mom is ultra orthodox in her thoughts. Not that she does not know what I’ve been doing here in Delhi, what I’ve been wearing here and my lifestyle, she always knew her daughter was“high maintenance” and has not the least problem with it. I’m sure you wouldn’t want heads to be turning at you and laughing at you because you look like an alien in a crowd who look more or less likes clones of each other. Well, that’s the kinda place Jorhat is. And that’s the reason mom never allowed me to go insane experimenting with my wardrobe.
But who cares. I’m here finally and have started doing what I really really like. And there’s no stopping to it. The blogging mania is going to constantly pound in my brain and having a soon-to-be-a-famous-photographer friend (my best friend) really is like an added advantage, like a boon.
So, I guess too much of blabbering is probably going to make me feel like I would just not stop and go on and on which might as well make my readers feel so damn bored that before they actually start following me, they’ll probably run away and never come back. :)
What are you waiting for??? That’s the end of my blabbering session and the end to my ‘Welcome to Self’ speech ( as if I were Mark Anthony delivering Caesar’s funeral speech.) But do come back for some really exciting posts straight from my closet… :) Till then Stay young, stay Chicilicious… :*


  1. you're a new blogger! congrats! enjoyed browsing through your blog, and enjoyed looking at your fashion. hope we can stay connected because i am following! cheers!

  2. Hello Dear,
    Thank you so much for dropping by and following me... Would love to stay in touch wid u and follow u too...



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